3D Scanning Service

What is 3D scanning?

3D scanning is the process of analysing an object from the real world in order to collect all the data necessary to recreate its shape and appearance digitally. Thanks to this process, the object can become a 3D model, which could help you as a basis for the 3D project you are about to develop, but it can also be useful to reconstruct, analyse, or simulate ideas.

We have one of the latest portable 3D scanners, allowing us to provide an even more mobile service for our customers. This new scanner produced by Revopoint will give us great accuracy down to a resolution of 0.10mm. Some of our previous 3D scanning projects have included replicating priceless pottery for owners to display and keep the originals safe. Other projects have been requested to scan on-site to replicate architecture that is no longer produced. We then 3D printed the replacement architecture. We also accept items sent to us for scanning and/or replication. We can supply 3D files and print scanned objects if you so wish. This service was also one of the services we supplied on eBay to many happy customers. If you send objects to us, we will require at least 1 week for turnaround and a further 1 to 2 weeks for scanned items to be printed and dispatched. Please contact us for further information, prices, and dispatch times.